Ven Olac

Ven Olac - composer , arranger , pianist

Once upon a time we all should sense the world like a soothing sound of the running spring water ...

Russian born classical composer / pianist Ven Olac was raised in the old Soviet Union in a family of teachers ,
his father Ivan , was a military Chinese translator who spent part of his life living near the Chinese border . After his retirement
  from the military he became a teacher in a local school and because of his father love for classical music , at the age of seven he has been enrolled at the Mussorgsky School of Music - piano class by Carlin .                                 At the same time he was taking art classes in his High School , which left a real mark in his love for arts . He has moved to USA in 1990 and has established his career as a piano instructor. In 2000 his piano CD " The Ugly Duckling " or " a Little Swan " has rolled in the lives of many families which was colorful along with his piano and  narration.

His orchestral suite " The Casual Friday " was nominated in the 51st Grammy Awards under the category of " Best Orchestral Performance ( category # 99)" by ERMmedia -2008.

In 2015 - 2016 has completed his classical ballet together with his fairy-tale book " The Royal Pond " , which is available in three forms as the orchestral ballet music , as an audio book on CDBaby or Amazon or eBook as a Kindle Edition .                                  

The painting which is on your display is called " The Royal Pond " oil on canvas 24x36and is basically the logo of his written classical ballet , which he has painted 2015

During 2015 he has recorded his light piano jazz composition “ A Cup of Coffee “

He has written also for his stage performance his piano work " The Water Music " an hour 15 min. long and the fragment of his rehearsal you may review on his YouTube page " The Rain Whisper " and " The Pacific Coast " -

Latest sheet music
The Royal Pond - Act I, Scene 3, Op.21
Classical / Ballet
The Royal Pond – Act I, Scene 2, Op.21
Classical / Ballet
The Royal Pond – Act I, Scene 1, Op.21
Classical / Ballet
St. Seraphim of Sarov, Op.9
Classical / Instrumental
A Cup of Coffee, Op.17
Jazz / Instrumental